Cosmetics for everyone, kind to people and the environment

We chose a laboratory in Italy that uses wonderful natural ingredients and was asked to create three families of products, not linked to a specific need, but which took care of everything and which aroused olfactory sensations and memories for an inner beauty.

Cultum is a cosmos, a sensorial route made of memories and discoveries towards new worlds.


Three families, Three stories, Three sensory routes

  • Armonia

    A place that feels like home, where our roots are. A spring garden...

    you discover
  • Incanto

    It is Venice and its lagoon, a place of inspiration, the perfect balance between sky, earth and water...

    you discover
  • Abbraccio

    A mountain forest, its majestic trees that provide protection...

    you discover


inspired by a garden with evocative musky and floral notes


inspired by Venice with evocative oriental and spicy notes


inspired by the mountains with evocative botanical and woody notes

essential hair care

the essentials for taking care of skin and hair


Soaps and shampoo bars

a gesture of kindness towards people and our planet. Our hymn to loving now.


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