In the Cultum cosmos there is Enchantment

it is Venice and its lagoon, a place of inspiration, the perfect balance between sky, earth and water. Incense, myrrh and pepper with mystical and meditative power tell of ancient journeys to new scenarios.

The evocative oriental and spicy notes accompany you on a sensorial route made of memories and discoveries towards a new world called Incanto

Top notes: black pepper, bergamot, incense

Heart notes: myrrh, lily of the valley, jasmine, peach, sandalwood and wood

Base notes: amber, vanilla, tonka bean, patchouli, white musk, sweet woods

Spray the ritual Incanto fragrance in the air: "enjoy this moment by letting yourself be carried away by its evocative notes".



Incanto travel kit

4 small formats ideal for use during your travels around the world or simply to give as gifts or treat yourself.