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Scented Candle Abbraccio

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Room candle


Soy wax candle "Abbraccio"  with evocative botanical and woody notes they recall a mountain forest, a silent path where you can connect with yourself and nature. A sensorial route made of memories and discoveries towards a new world called Abbraccio

Useful to

Perfume your home, office or during your beauty ritual



Top notes: pine
Heart notes: humble pine
Base notes: woody

method of use

Light the wick on one side and let the flame spread throughout its entire extension.
The candle should be left lit for 30 to 60 minutes every time you decide to light it to help the first part that acts as a barrier to dissolve. This operation will help avoid the formation of "tunnels" and wax residues remaining on the edges. It will also allow it to cool evenly and evenly when it turns off.


Soy Wax, Parfum (fragrance)

    Scented Candle Abbraccio
    Scented Candle Abbraccio